LKS 20140417 JRB130; U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (2nd R) speaks alongside European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton (R) during a press conference in Geneva on April 17, 2014, after a day of quadrilateral talks beetwen representatives of Ukraine, the European Union, Russia, and the United States about the Ukrainian political crisis. Russia, Ukraine, the US and EU reached a surprise deal today on de-escalating the worsening crisis in Ukraine, in a ray of hope for the former Soviet republic that has plunged into chaos. The agreement reached in Geneva comes as a strong contrast to earlier hawkish comments made by Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who left the door open for intervention in Ukraine. LEHTIKUVA / AFP PHOTO / POOL / JIM BOURG

Yhdysvaltojen mukaan Genevessä saavutetun sovinnon toteutuminen on kiinni Venäjästä.

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